Danish street language transformer

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Morten Just

News can be boring. Slang never is boring. So obviously, news should be written in slang.

Originally a birthday present for Claus, featuring his favorite spelling mistake, I expanded it with more spelling mistakes — and the best slang I could think of.

The virality quickly broke the web server, and Claus had to rewrite my classic ASP to Perl. Celebrating the new scalability at a nearby bar, we figured that the high traffic probably meant someone in this bar had tried Styrelizeren today. We asked around. One in three of everyone we asked that night at that random bar had tried it the same day.

Then the celebrations soon turned into anger.

Styrelizeren in Politiken

We had furious people emailing us. We had vandalized their website and we should be expecting a call from the police, they said. So when one of the largest national papers called me, I was ready to surrender. I  and say I was sorry I used them as the default site, and that I'd change it. The journalist on the phone really just wanted an interview. She said the paper was thrilled that it was the default site. And then she would go on to run everything I had said through Styrelizeren before sending it to print.

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A welcome-home-robot

Noticed how you do the same things every single time you enter your home? How automating that failed miserably and I woke up myself and my neighbors at 3am

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Articles to go

Instapaper in a feature phone age

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A double dictionary

A double-search dictionary

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Big data game: Relate-a-zon

Ever noticed the "people who bought this item also bought..." section on Amazon? Often, it's like mind reading. There are obviously related products, and not so obviously related ones.