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Morten Just

Did you ever do this in the pre-smartphones era: find an interesting article on your desktop computer, then print it so you could read it in a leanback chair?

Isn't it interesting how until very recently, it was hard, sometimes impossible, to transfer something from the computer on your desk to your phone .. also on the desk.

Sure, the display on a Nokia feature phone was a fraction of the size of a smartphone, but it kind of worked anyway.

Obviously, Instapaper and Pocket had this idea at a slightly better timing than me.

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Bringing social networks into real life

If you think about your life, your partner, your friends, your job, the place your live. How many of those happened more or less randomly, bumping into the right person at the right time and place? To me, it's almost all of it. Self-help gurus will tell you to prepare your self for luck, then you will be lucky. So how do you do that? Imagine a world where you walk into a room and instantly know who everyone is, who your common friends are, what interests you share? This world already exist

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Fake music opinions

Sometimes you just need an opinion about the indie band du jour. Wouldn't it be handy if you could enter a band name and get a hipster attitude on demand? The project used Last.fm's API to extract similar band names, and then layered an opinion on top of it. I did manage to have some weird conversations using it.

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A welcome-home-robot

Noticed how you do the same things every single time you enter your home? How automating that failed miserably and I woke up myself and my neighbors at 3am

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Danish street language transformer

Let's be honest. News can be boring. Slang never is. What if the news was written in slang? Here's how a viral service got me reported to the police - several times.