A double dictionary

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Morten Just

Isn't it funny how we have a habit of imitating physical products online? Physical limitations and all. In 2003, online dictionaries worked like this: if you needed to look up an English word to see its Danish counterpart, you'd have to navigate to the English-Danish dictionary, as if you had to pull an actual book from a shelf.

A human takes 10-20 seconds to look up a word in a dictionary. A robot takes a few milliseconds.

So why don't the robots just look in all dictionaries at the same time? That's what this does.

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Danish street language transformer

Let's be honest. News can be boring. Slang never is. What if the news was written in slang? Here's how a viral service got me reported to the police - several times.

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A welcome-home-robot

Noticed how you do the same things every single time you enter your home? How automating that failed miserably and I woke up myself and my neighbors at 3am

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Big data game: Relate-a-zon

Ever noticed the "people who bought this item also bought..." section on Amazon? Often, it's like mind reading. There are obviously related products, and not so obviously related ones.