Wrapping books in web pages with AR

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Morten Just

An AR app that recognizes a book cover, then proceeds to wrap that book in its Amazon page.

Why on earth would we need that? First of all because it's weird. But it's also a recurring theme for me. My first attempt at connecting books and ebooks was barcode-based, but the targeted problem is the same: discovering books is a lot more fun when paper is involved. Reading them, at least for me, and 90.5 million ebook users, is more practical when you can carry your entire library with you always.

And who knows what other physical and digital counterparts we could discover just by glancing at their real-world manifestation? Maybe you could take on your "I'm buying a car" glasses, and all cars on the road that are for sale would get a giant price tag and an email form. Or how about spotting your Twitter followers in a crowded cafe? We tried that in the 2000s, and it was almost fun, but then our Nokia batteries drained.

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Remote control instructions in AR

This app shows a pre-made layer of instructions on top of a remote control. Anyone who's ever helped their mom using the remote control knows how hard it is. With augmented reality, we can layer anything on top of the real world, including stuff that helps moms using stuff. The layer could be animated, it could be live, or pre-recorded, or supplied by the manufacturer—or all of it, and even tailored for one specific person. A similar approach could also change the appearance of the remote co

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Future Products

AR-ready furniture

When we see the world through glasses, all we need is tracking patterns. Everywhere.

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Kitchen timers in AR

What if you had a million free kitchen timers that never ran out of battery, and disappeared when you didn't need them?

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Counting money with AR, even if you shake it

Subtitles for foreign money