Counting money with AR

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Morten Just

Simply look at foreign money to see how much they're worth in the currency you're used to. There's a lot of ways this could be improved. It could add up all the money it can see, or it could simply re-skin the Danish Krone note to look like a dollar one, denoting the value. You see dollars, I see Krone. What matters is the exchange of value.

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Infinite architect

Generated architecture.

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Future Products

A self-driving mailbox

To mail something, you come to the mailbox. What if it came to you?

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Movie showtimes, but more like tv schedules

We all know how to use movie showtime listings. There's a movie you want to watch, so you look up when and where it's showing. But what if you have a favorite theater? What if you want to go right now? What if you want to go in the afternoon? Bifn.dk was like a pivot table for movie showtimes. It would order today's screenings based on time, movie or theater.