An app that replies to your texts

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Morten Just

Text messages are driving our lives, and we're on the back seat frantically trying to reply.

This gets dangerous, too. Texting while driving is a lethal activity carried out every single day. Quite often, we answer mundane questions like "when can you be home?" and "where are you?" Stuff our phones know, often better than we do. So why don't we let the phone answer while keeping us safe?

Founded and led team at Google's Area 120.

Google ends support for Reply, which added smart replies to third-party apps
Google will no longer offer support for Reply, an app that offered smart reply responses to various messaging apps such as Slack, Hangouts, and Messenger.
Google’s shutting down its experimental Reply app
After launching in February, Google’s now announced that it’s shutting down its Reply app from Area 120.

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AR-ready furniture

When we see the world through glasses, all we need is tracking patterns. Everywhere.

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A camera that lets you do stuff without lifting your finger

Smartphone cameras are fast. Until you want to do something with the photos.

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The 3D mouse in your pocket

Tricking a brain into thinking it’s holding a virtual phone

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A self-driving office chair

Unlike their reputation, the office worker gets up and moves around a lot. The office worker waits as the coffee machine is brewing, they meet someone and talk for a while, they go to meetings, they hunt down conference rooms in previously unexplored territories. They get lost, and they get tired, and they get bored, and they often forget their laptops on various surfaces where they had to leave it in order to free up both hands.