Navigation by following

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Morten Just

"Wait, don't talk to me, I'm trying to follow the route"

GPS systems in cars and phones take a big toll on the brain. We have to convert an abstract map into "turn left now", and even when a synthetic voice says "turn left now", it's not clear if you're in the right lane, if it's this right, or the next right.

But if you've ever driven somewhere with too many friends to fit in one car, you've probably experienced how easy it is to just follow another car.

This service makes that happen. It matches drivers on the road that are all going to the same destination, so you can just follow them and turn off your GPS.

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Pack once, travel many

Never pack a suitcase again.

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Running together, in separate countries

Run with friends online

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Talk radio with music

How podcasts could play music and not pay for it, legally.

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Broadcasting any track for free

Let listeners pay royalty