Broadcasting any track for free

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Morten Just

For people making podcasts, playing music is almost never an option. It’s too damn expensive. Music fees are a huge item on a radio station budget, too. Thousands of podcasts, thousands of radio stations have had to close down because the fees were too high. Millions of potential listeners left in silence (ah, ok, left with their own CDs or the mainstream stations or podsafe music, which for obvious reasons never really caught on: It’s not good).

But what if the podcaster or broadcaster could play music from the listener’s own music library and thus not pay the fees? That seems exactly what can be done with streaming services and in particular Spotify apps to make the whole experience just as seamless as normal radio.

I hope we’ll see live radio stations as well as music podcasts and maybe even music blog networks to appear in the Spotify app store when the platform opens up soon.

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