A headlight projector

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Morten Just

Taking the eyes off the road is the most common cause for traffic accidents. So why don’t we change the in-car display to an on-road display? And while we’re at it, place a depth camera (a Kinect, basically) next to the projector and just don’t show anything if we’re in a dangerous situation? And while we’re still at it, let’s place a projector on the back of the car telling your drivers where you’re going and let them turn off their navigation and just follow you.

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Future Products

Using the phone as a highlighter pen

Moving text from the real world into the digital world

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Future Products

A parked car projector

Everything about parked cars is boring: finding a spot. Paying for it. Walking past parked cars. If you install a free parked car projector, it will display street art by local artists, sometimes even live, as they create it. And the occasional location-aware ad, like this one. You also park for free, in a designated projector parking spot.