Movie showtimes, but more like tv schedules

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Morten Just

We all know how to use movie showtime listings. There's a movie you want to watch, so you look up when and where it's showing.

But what if you have a favorite theater? What if you want to go right now? What if you want to go in the afternoon?

Bifn.dk was like a pivot table for movie showtimes. It would order today's screenings based on time, movie or theater.

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Uber for tech support

It's a well-established fact in the universe that there's a lot of moms out there needing help with their computer. It's also a fact that their kids are not always around the corner. But someone is. Could we fully automate tech support for moms? A mom would call our automated phone number, which would prompt her for her postal code, then send out text messages to our army of tech supporters. The first to answer the message gets the mom's phone number—and a customer. Did it work? Surprisin

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Reading while running

Let's just be honest: running can be boring. Running on a treadmill is always boring. So I made a feed reader for people on treadmills. You start it and it automatically scrolls as you're running.

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Fake music opinions

Sometimes you just need an opinion about the indie band du jour. Wouldn't it be handy if you could enter a band name and get a hipster attitude on demand? The project used Last.fm's API to extract similar band names, and then layered an opinion on top of it. I did manage to have some weird conversations using it.