What I need from a shop’s website

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Morten Just

I visit websites of real-life shops from time to time. They can be handy and they can be annoying. When I found this Oatmeal comic (that referred to this excellent xkcd diagram) I was reminded about an old sketch I had lying around.

Shop websites tend to look like this

UPDATE: I’m sorry, shop websites do of course look like this

In 99% of cases what I need is this

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Zero-click animated GIFs

Converting GIFs with a single drag

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Big data game: Relate-a-zon

Ever noticed the "people who bought this item also bought..." section on Amazon? Often, it's like mind reading. There are obviously related products, and not so obviously related ones.

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Future Products

Toddler toothbrushing

Mouth openness as a play button

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Reading while running

Let's just be honest: running can be boring. Running on a treadmill is always boring. So I made a feed reader for people on treadmills. You start it and it automatically scrolls as you're running.