Using the elevator will make you miss your meeting

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Morten Just

To go through locked doors, office dwellers wear a little piece of electronics every single day; the access badge. They’re also the group most exposed to sedentariness – or, only moving when they have to eat or go to the toilet. So how can the little piece of electronics they wear anyway help them avoid getting sick and fat?

If we build a cheap pedometer into the badge, we can begin controlling access to elevators and returns to the office space after a visit to the bathroom. (When I say cheap, I mean less than a dollar)

Sure, you’ll miss a meeting the first time you find out you’re low on walking up and down a few floors, but maybe the experience will teach you.

Next stage is combining the pedometer with the dishes in the canteen. You pay with calories you’ve earned during the day. Can’t afford your meal? You know where the staircase is.

The system would probably pay for itself in saved medical bills and reduced employee turnover. Maybe the health insurance company would be happy to pay.

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