The world’s first clock radio

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Morten Just
As early as 1600, the King of Denmark had an early home music system installed in his castle. A 3-pipe system, moved the sound of musicians playing in the basement and into his “winter room”. The system was a forerunner of the “piped music” we hear today in public spaces like shopping malls, and the large sound systems in our private cars and homes.

I misunderstood Ole’s story and thought the king used the orchestra as a clock radio.

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A poem in code

America by Ginsberg

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Future Products

An app that makes your phone worse as you gain weight

Losing weight is hard for most of us, but so is losing our phone.

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Photos are notes, too

Ephemeral note taking with photos

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A self-building reading list

When you find something you want to read, watch or listen to later, what do you do? Some of it goes into Pocket or Instapaper, some of it on a Youtube watch list, and some of it becomes a bookmark on Twitter. What if you could build a master reading list based on what you bookmark across all the sites you use? With Ian [https://twitter.com/ianjorgensen]