What if radio stations were people, too?

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Morten Just

You know how some radio stations only plays songs by a certain band? It's almost like a conspiracy, right?

I wanted to prove my point (and I was wrong), so I signed up Denmark's national radio station to last.fm.

The inverted radio station

Seeing the data flow in, I started dreaming about making two derivative radio stations from one radio station:

  1. DR P3 music would play only the music from the station. None of the chit chat from the hosts.
  2. DR P3 talk would - in real time - play the host chit chat, and then when music would come on, it would substitute it with your own.

Then I forgot about it.

Turns out it ran for almost a decade. Silently noting every single track played on the radio, adding it to last.fm.

For the primary music channel, that amounted to 619,606 plays.

The data's still there: DR P3, P6 Beat, Klassisk. The robots have a group.

Here's the chart for P3 from 2008 to 2018


Perfect festival day finder

It's a 3-day festival. You can only go for 1. But which one? What if you could just enter your last.fm username on a web page and let it do the math?

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Personal paper-based festival plan

A music festival with 100 gigs can be overwhelming. Add hangovers and sleep deprivation, and the task of picking out a gig becomes unmanageable, and you're left to chance. To top it off, your phone ran out of battery two days ago. What if someone who knows your taste better than yourself could make you a nice, printable, foldable, offline program you can carry in your back pocket? With Claus [https://twitter.com/claus]

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What would reality do?

I like to think of software as a person in a service conversation with the user. The user would be a teenage girl ordering concert tickets or a hung over dad figuring out how to turn on his phone. But the software would always be a professional. Even better, the software acts and makes decisions as if it were among the world’s best in what it is doing. Why shouldn’t it? As interaction designers, we spend hours preparing for a simple five minute conversation. One way to apply this could be imagi

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An alarm clock that shows you that other people are awake

Know the feeling when you wake up, and it is pitch black outside, and you think it's a mistake? The clock says 7am, but honestly, it could be wrong, right? I hacked a Chumby [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chumby] to show me a live webcam feed from a camera pointing out the window to the street. That would be proof that it is indeed morning, and other people are responsible adults with their jackets on already. At night, it shows a feed from the airport with the planes landing and taxiing to