An airport that loads passengers like human cargo

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Morten Just

Leasing an Airbus A380 sure is a lot of fun, but when it’s on the ground it’s like a ticking clock with money pouring out if it. The lease is 20,000 USD every single day. But if you manage to keep it in the air, you can make 130,000 USD. Passengers are obviously trying to make their total journey as short as possible, and they will not stop doing that until they get teleportation. Airports are trying to get as many flights as possible, including the money-spending passengers in them.

In this business, no one wins while on the ground. The typical airline turnaround time is 45 minutes to an hour. How could it be 5 minutes?

We would separate cabin from fuselage and have a separate cabin for arriving and one for departing. This will let us handle departing and arriving passengers at the same time. The replacement cabin is clean, passengers, already in their seats, bags already be in the bag room below the seats. Our passengers boarded before the plane was on the ground.

Taking that another step further, the passengers got into their seats at the train station in the nearest city. This also opens options for security checks. Maybe it’s done on the train, spending the transport time efficiently. Maybe the bags could be x-rayed in the bag room itself, or while entering the bag room.

In the case of delays, or for those arriving by car, passengers at the gate can get up and walk around, and quickly get back in their seats by walking straight to their rows.

With a decimated turnaround, airlines can cut prices and you can spend an extra hour at home before leaving for the airport.

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A GPS bag pack that steers its human

Ideally, you’d know when to turn, even when you don’t. When you do, you shift your balance slightly, which in turn makes your left foot take a shorter step than the right one, successfully changing the general direction. If navigating a grid of streets can be reduced to a mere balancing act, does it matter if that shift of balance comes from your brain — or from your bagpack? After a just a few weeks of use, the thinking and knowing and anticipating of the balance bag and its novelty and excit

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An elevator you can bribe

A paid alternative to the call button

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A self-driving office chair

Unlike their reputation, the office worker gets up and moves around a lot. The office worker waits as the coffee machine is brewing, they meet someone and talk for a while, they go to meetings, they hunt down conference rooms in previously unexplored territories. They get lost, and they get tired, and they get bored, and they often forget their laptops on various surfaces where they had to leave it in order to free up both hands.

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A brainstorming facility with lots of dirty dishes

The worst place for ideas is a conference room. The best place is a conference room with dirty dishes.