A projector drone that follows its user

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Morten Just

A projector and a camera is attached to a drone. The camera tracks the viewer. The projector shows videographic entertainment on the wall that the user is most likely to be looking at.

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Future Products

A self-driving mailbox

To mail something, you come to the mailbox. What if it came to you?

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A Donald Trump Keyboard

You most likely don’t agree with the Donald, but when it comes to writing emails, we all have a thing or two to learn from him. That’s where the Trump keyboard for iPhone comes in.

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Future Products

Toddler toothbrushing

Mouth openness as a play button

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Bringing social networks into real life

If you think about your life, your partner, your friends, your job, the place your live. How many of those happened more or less randomly, bumping into the right person at the right time and place? To me, it's almost all of it. Self-help gurus will tell you to prepare your self for luck, then you will be lucky. So how do you do that? Imagine a world where you walk into a room and instantly know who everyone is, who your common friends are, what interests you share? This world already exist